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We are an Independent, Black-Owned Doula Training Organization in Howard County, Maryland. We specialize in training Nurses, Doctors, OB Techs, & other OB Medical Professionals on how to effectively incorporate doula support skills into their medical practices to improve delivery outcomes for black parents.

What Does It Mean To Be A Doula?

As quoted by the CEO of The Black Doula Training, “A doula is a non-biased professional providing physical, mental, informational, and emotional support throughout all walks of life that require advocacy”. Doula support is not only for labor and birth but for other life experiences such as surgery, fertility, adoption, abortion, etc. Depending upon the type of doula you’re interested in becoming, will determine what is required of you within the scope of work. Doulas provide evidence-based information and support, provide reliable resources, and education classes relevant to reproductive health and family planning. They fill in the gaps to help families achieve the healthiest experience possible by reducing emotional distress, maternal-infant mortality, and anxiety while advocating and ensuring informed care.

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What People Are Saying About us!

Best Instructor & Training!

Very passionate and knowledgeable! I’m glad I chose to get my certification done here. I highly recommend it.

Dameshia F.

I Learned So Much!

Hi Nikita, I just supported my first birth virtually. I felt so knowledgeable! Your class definitely helped with my confidence as a doula! I'm also encapsulating her placenta. Thank you for everything!

Tonisha B.

The Traning Was Great!

I had the best time gaining all the techniques and skills from the most passionate and insightful teacher ever

Jeterria T.

Meet Your Instructor!

Nikita of Black Doula Training

Nikita Johnson is an Apprentice Midwife, Labor and Delivery Surgical Technologist, Patient Care Technician, and Certified Nursing Assistant with doula support skills, CEO/Founder of Black Doula Training and DMV Birth Doulas in Baltimore County, Maryland. She’s been working in the field of Maternal-Infant Health since 2014.  Nikita incorporates her Ob/Gyn medical background into doula work when training doulas throughout different states.



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From planning for labor and delivery to breastfeeding – our doula courses will help make your career as an experienced professional in the field more exciting. Learn how you can be a better advocate by learning about different ways that expectant parents, birthing people or newborns need support during their journey! Enroll today!.