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Hospitals are the most common place of birth in the United States, with 98.4 percent of births taking place in a hospital in 2019. Most Maternity hospitals have access to high quality innovative technology that helps with assessing overall health during prenatal care, labor, delivery, and postpartum.

Maternity Nurses, OB Technicians, and OB Providers play an important role when it comes to labor and delivery. They are trained on how to best provide care, monitor vital signs, assist during delivery and monitor the progress of labor but they lack knowledge about physiological birth because of access to medical interventions such as Inductions & C-sections. 


OB Professionals can benefit from doula training by gaining an understanding of physiological birth, knowing how to adequately provide support to people in labor with or without an epidural while decreasing the amount of time spent in the operating room performing c-sections that can be avoided with an enhanced set of skills.


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Best Instructor & Training!

This course was a breath of fresh air. I'm an LPN at Planned Parenthood and because of Nikita's knowledge, I now provide unbiased care and resources to my gynecology and abortion patients.

Lydia J.

I Learned So Much!

Hi Nikita, I just supported my first birth virtually. I felt so knowledgeable! Your class definitely helped with my confidence as a doula! I'm also encapsulating her placenta. Thank you for everything!

Tonisha B.

The Traning Was Great!

I had the best time gaining all the techniques and skills from the most passionate and insightful teacher ever

Jeterria T.

Meet Your Instructors!

Nikita Johnson

Nikita Johnson is a 1st Year Midwife Apprentice at Althea Midwifery in Ocean Pines, Maryland. She has 6 years of hospital based labor & delivery experience as a Certified Obstetrics Surgical Technologist and 3 years as top practicing doula in the DMV. She’s been in perinatal health since 2014. Nikita is a prominent birth doula in the Baltimore community. She is a Doula Trainer & Mentor for The Black Doula Training and Writer for Healthy Mom & Baby Magazine Powered by the Nurses of AWHONN.



Meet Your Instructors!

Lashea Haynes

Lashea Haynes has been practicing in the area of obstetrical/perinatal nursing for nearly 26 years. Her clinical and educational experience and expertise span labor/delivery, antepartum and mother/baby areas. Lashea has worked as a board-certified clinical nurse specialist for women’s services at a large healthcare system, she was a nursing instructor and a previous perinatal outreach educator. These roles allowed her the ability to provide continual high-risk perinatal education to various hospitals and to reach audiences across her region.  



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Our Doula Training Program is approved by the Maryland Department of Health and helps to prepare OB Nurses for the RNC Exam.