The DMV Doula Transfer Program is a bridge program offered to doulas in the DMV with an active doula certification through another entity and would like to certify with the Black Doula Training. If you are Certified through other entities such as The International Doula Institute,  National Black Doulas Association, Mama Glow, Birth Arts, you may have recently found out that your certifying entity is not approved by the State of Maryland’s Medicaid Doula Program. No worries! This program will allow you to transfer your credits, births, instruction time, and hands-on-skills to our program in order to receive your certification. 



DMV Doula Transfer Bridge Program Admission Requirements

In order to enroll in The DMV Doula Transfer Bridge Program Training you must meet the criteria below:

1. Obtain an Active Certification as a Certified Doula or Received a Certificate of Completion as a Trained Doula

2. Verifiable proof of at least one year practicing as a solo doula or with a doula agency.

3. Provide At least 3 references within in the field of birth work. Two clients and one colleague is sufficient

4. In Good Standing with Current Certifying Entity. Cannot be on Probation

5. Agree to The Black Doula Training Policies

The student must be able to complete all of the following requirements after enrollment into the program

1.Continue to meet all requirements for previous certification.

2. Pay $299 Transfer Fee

3. Complete Childbirth Education Class

4. Complete Basic Breastfeeding Course

5. Obtain NRP Certification

6. Complete 3 Book Reports for recommended books.

7. Complete The Black Doula Training Orientation



Nikita's Headshot

Nikita Johnson

Chief Instructor

Nikita has been working in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology for over 6 years working in hospitals and clinics. She is a Student Midwife in an Active Apprenticeship, Celebrity Doula/CEO of DMV Birth Doulas, Community Advisor at the Maternal Lab for The Harvard T Chan School in Boston, MA.


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Lashea Haynes

Chief Program Facilitator

 Lashea has been practicing in the area of   obstetrical/perinatal nursing for nearly 26   years. Her clinical and educational experience and expertise span labor/delivery, antepartum and mother/baby areas. 

One Day In-Person Orientation 

Next Orientation Date: August 12, 2023 

Location: TBD